Rangers make it one in a row.

Kole Calhoun slaps the game-winning double in the top of the ninth to break a five-game losing streak.

The Rangers won their third game of the year last night. They overcame a 5-0 first inning, Taylor Hearn’s wildness, and their shaky bullpen. Kole Calhoun had his first big moment as a Ranger with the go-ahead RBI double in the top of the ninth that just hugged the first base line and ended up in in the corner of right field, allowing Adolis Garcia to motor all the way from first.

Seeing them with their fourth game of the year tonight might be tricky. Not because two in a row is something that has eluded this team so far. Or because they are traveling to Oakland and that cesspool of a stadium is a house of horrors for the Rangers.

It’s because the only place you can see the Rangers tonight is on Apple+ TV.

Every Friday, Apple+ carries a Friday night doubleheader. One east coast game. One west coast game. Tonight’s, it’s Texas versus Oakland. 

Their first Friday Night Baseball doubleheader broadcast was starting off strong until Apple+ was overloaded and the system went down for fifty minutes. They didn’t experience that problem last week.

Good news is, you don’t need a subscription to Apple+ to watch the game.

According to the MLB website:

You will not be charged to watch. Friday Night Baseball is currently free and does not require a purchase or subscription. To access “Friday Night Baseball” games on Apple TV+, fans will need to follow these steps:

Launch the Apple TV app and select the game directly from there.


From the MLB.TV app, tap on Apple TV+ Game to be redirected to the Apple TV app (where available).


Visit https://tv.apple.com/ and log in with or create an Apple ID.

They add, “You may be prompted to enter credit card information when creating an Apple ID, but your card will not be charged to watch Friday Night Baseball.”

Good luck,and happy watching as Glenn Otto makes his 2022 debut and the Rangers try to muster up what’s called a winning streak.