Rangers playing winning baseball.

Adonis Garcia launches a 453-ft homer to tie the game in a game the Rangers would win 2-1.

In the Baseball Makes No Sense department, the Rangers won three out of four from the Minnesota Twins, who are in the thick of the playoff hunt. And the pitching was the key.

Maybe a shock to the system works. Maybe the firing of Chris Woodward had the effect it was supposed to have. Like in 2014 when Ron Washington suddenly resigned and then the team magically played better under Tim Bogar.

Maybe the players really like playing for Beasley. But it’s not like he is doing a whole lot that Woodward didn’t do. He has the same players. Although he did attempt a sacrifice bunt Sunday, with Duran, something Woodward never did. Duran walked on four pitches.

It could just be one of those anomalies where the cosmic tumblers fell in the exact right place and it was a fluke. Or it could be that the team just stopped responding to Woodward and some great malaise set in and his firing shook them out of it.

Their next five games are against teams that have a worse record than they do. Two in Colorado. Three at home against Detroit.

They could just as soon turn around and lose four of those five. Or, with this new-found resurgence, win four of five.

Dane Dunning pitches tonight. On the road. In twenty-four road starts, he has yet to win as a Ranger. If he gets that elusive W tonight, you know the baseball gods are once again smiling at the Rangers.

Either way, what had been one of the most boring teams in baseball to watch is suddenly a lot more fun.

Winning fun is the best thing ever. Followed by losing fun. With losing boring the worst thing of all. Which is what the last five-and-five-sixths-of-a-season have been.