Revolving door in left.

The sports website The Athletic had an interesting, eye-opening article about the Rangers yesterday. More pointedly, about the Rangers incredible revolving door in left field.

Ten years ago, after the 2013 season, Rangers left fielder David Murphy left Texas for Cleveland. In the process, he left a gaping hole in left field that the Rangers have not been able to fill. You might be surprised at how many left fielder the Texas Rangers have employed in the past ten seasons.

How about thirty-seven?

Okay, you are thinking, “There’s no way. That’s way too many left fielders in ten years.” And you’d be right. The number isn’t thirty-seven.

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It’s actually fifty-seven. 

Yes, the Rangers have employed fifty-seven left fielders in the past ten seasons. That’s nearly six different left fielders per season. 

So, who has logged the most time in left in that time? Willie Calhoun. One-hundred-forty-two games. 

That’s why the Rangers had such a dismal decade of baseball until last year. Last year, they seemed to finally find the elusive left fielder. Evan Carter.

Chances are, Carter won’t be the left fielder of the future, though. That should be Wyatt Langford, with Cater moving to center. But whether it’s Carter or Langford, it appears the Rangers finally have left field solved.

It took only ten years. And two general managers.



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