Road woes.

Marcus Semien’s relay throw nails Eddie Rosario at home to prevent the Guardians from having a huge inning.

Home sweet home. Road rotten road.

That’s Dane Dunning’s motto. His road ERA is about a point-and-a-half higher on the road than at home.

At home, Dunning is a very respectable 1-1 won-lost, 3.53 ERA, 0.981 WHIP. On the road, 0-0, 4.91, 1.675.

It’s that WHIP that is so glaringly different. He is letting way too many opponents get on base. In the third inning, five straight Guardians got hits off him. Luckily, one was thrown out at home trying to score, and four of them were singles. But they still scored two runs to go with the two they scored in the second. And in four innings, Dunning gave up four runs.

The offense took the day off, which didn’t help. But Dunning’s road performance should start to be worrisome. But it’s not like they have the luxury to skip him in the rotation when they’re on the road

Dunning is like French fries and babies and teenagers. He doesn’t travel well.