Six in a row. 19 comments

The wrong person ended up tagging home on this force play, allowing the Dodgers to win 3-2 in eleven innings.


When you are a bad team, nothing goes right.

The nights you get great starting pitching, your offense doesn’t show up.

The nights the offense lights it up, the pitching burns it down.

You lose low scoring games. You lose laughers. You lose close games. You lose with games where you had twenty baserunners. You lose games where you allow only five baserunners. You lose by a balk.

And you lose on an error on what should have been an easy force out at home that wasn’t.

But it wasn’t so much Matt Bush’s bad throw home that cost the game as it was the three walks that loaded the bases in the first place. ┬áSure, one was intentional, but when you put on three runners in the bottom of the eleventh inning for free, what do you expect?

The error and the gymnastic slide by Enrique Hernandez to elude Carlos Perez’s tag was just a more interesting way to lose than the alternatives like a walk in that situation or a hit, or a sac fly. Or a balk. That’s so last Sunday.

A loss is a loss. Even if some are more heartbreaking than others.

When it’s all said and done, the Rangers come home with a six-game losing streak, a lot of bad luck, a huge black cloud over their heads, and a Kick Me sign taped to their collective backs.