The future.

The future of the Rangers was on display in Surprise, Arizona, yesterday.

Jack Leiter and Kumar Rocker. Former college teammates at Vanderbilt, now forever intwined as Rangers prospects, and back-to-back first round picks.

Both pitchers threw an inning in yesterday’s 6-4 win over the Colorado Rockies. 

Leiter pitched the sixth, retired all three batters he faced, with one strikeout. Rocker pitched the eighth, gave up a hit but no runs. Leiter earned the win. 

Sure, it’s just a spring training game. Sure, it was against the Rockies. But, for guys like Leiter and Kumar, young pitchers working their way up, these games are about one thing. Making an impression. 

As Rangers manager Bruce Bochy said, it was great to “get them out there and get their feet wet.”

The Texas Rangers had such bad luck drafting for so long that Leiter and Rocker represent hope. Hope they can finally develop pitching. Hope they can finally have a draft pick that flourishes. Hope this organization is finally headed in the right direction.

Yesterday, the future looked bright. It was just a sliver of light. But Rangers fans will take it after too many years of darkness.



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