What matters in spring.

Two meaningless games. Two meaningless losses.

Exhibition baseball is back. Although the games don’t mean anything, getting off to a good start is important to players. Maybe even more so to the team.

Justin Foscue has four sprint at-bats. Three hits. Two home runs. Justin Foscue doesn’t have a place to play in the Rangers lineup. He’s blocked for the next six years by Marcus Semien.

To Foscue, he’s playing for a major league roster spot. But it probably won’t be with Texas. To the Rangers, he’s is playing to up his trade value.

If he keeps hitting like he’s hitting, it will be not only hard to keep him down, it would be unfair to him. Maybe the Rangers move him to left. Maybe he shares some of the DH role.

But, most likely, if Foscue continues his development, he’s part of a deal for a left fielder.

So, even though these games are meaningless. Wins or losses don’t matter. But making a name for oneself does. It’s early. But so far Justin Foscue is doing what he set out to do: kick the door down to a major league roster spot.

We wish him well.



Texas @ Cleveland