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The Rangers beat the Angels 4-2 to start a three-game series, for win number 13 on the season, their third win in a row. Prince Fielder had a rare moment of shining.


Originally published April 30, 2016

Prince Fielder isn’t exactly tearing up the league. He’s hitting just .193, and rarely hitting the ball hard.

But it’s not how you are hitting that matters. It’s when. And Fielder is making the most of the few hits he gets.

He’s not a hit machine. But he’s an RBI machine.

After the Rangers had the first two on with no outs in the sixth, trailing by just one run, Adrian Beltre hit into what could have been a soul-crushing double play, leaving Rougned Odor on third with two outs.

Up came Prince Fielder, owning 999 career RBIs.

He scoots a weak dribbler into right field to tie it that, had the shift not been on, would have been a routine ground ball out.

But it wasn’t. And he picked up another RBI.

Moments later he chugs around from first on an Ian Desmond double to score the go-ahead run, with all the grace of a cement truck in a drag race.

When he got to the dugout, he had one thousand RBIs and got one thousand CCs of oxygen.

And the Rangers picked up a win in the first of three against the Los Angeles Angels of Mike Trout.

Prince has yet to bust out. Until he does, scratching and clawing out works just fine.