And the award for most indispensable goes to… 18 comments

Anthony Castrovince on named the most indispensable player on every major league team.

On the Texas Rangers…

(drumroll please as envelope is handed out).

…La La Land.

No, wait.

Cole Hamels.

Here’s what Castrovince said:

“The Rangers’ rotation beyond Hamels ranges from the the iffy (Doug Fister, Matt Moore, Mike Minor, Matt Bush) to the injured (Martin Perez).”

He left out the AARP-y (Bartolo Colon), the meh-y (Jesse Chavez) and the mirage-y (Clayton Blackburn).

But he is right. With this paper thin rotation, if Hamels has a bad year, the Rangers are in real trouble.

Someone please  keep the pins away from the Hamels voodoo doll.

  • GoRangers23

    Maybe our new slogan should be…On a Wing and a Prayer. 😄

  • elkaba

    Yep. If Hamels has a bad year what else is there? Not much is what. But I will say one thing for our smorgasbord roster this season: If we get enough of a chance to see the younger players prove themselves one way or the other and enough of a chance to see all the older questionables do the same, then this season will not be for nothing.

    BUT… if like in previous years we get nothing but scattershot glimpses of potential and possible promise, then it will be nothing but a waste of perfectly good losses, and worse, it will set us up for more JD magical thinking for seasons to come.

    One way or the other, this has to be the season to answer questions, not just add more to the mix.

    • Rowdy Yates

      Rangers sent me an online questionnaire. One of the questions was to give my outlook on the upcoming season in one word. I said “pathetic”.

      • elkaba

        That pretty much says it all!

  • Rowdy Yates

    We’re off this afternoon to Cambodia and Viet Nam. Will be 1st time for my wife so should be a real experience for her. And it’s been about 6 yr since I’ve been to ‘Nam and 15 yrs since Cambodia so I’m looking forward to what I expect to be many positive changes as in China last summer. All my previous trips were business to Cambodia as were all but the last to VN so I expect to see lots of improvements in living conditions and infrastructure. Will be scarce on RR3 with poor internet connectivity until our return. Enjoy the rest of ST.

    • dearmidol

      Wow, have a great time.

    • JacobMcCandles

      Scary never went back…..Did say the Nam beaches were nice

  • TD30

    Rangers roster moves: Optioned to Round Rock: Willie Calhoun, Ronald Guzman, Isiah Kiner-Falefa, Connor Sadzeck. Optioned to Frisco: Jose Trevino

    • WhoKnowscs

      No Willie on opening day then. Looks like they will go Robinson/Rua Platoon since Willie was sent down.

      • WhoKnowscs

        Also sounded like he wasn’t ready for the fielding to be done from the way Banny was talking last night.

      • Rollie Fingerbangers

        You would have laughed at me if I said Robinson would be the opening day LF

      • TD30

        Bani loves the platoon

    • JacobMcCandles

      That stinks optioning Willie. Who makes these silly decisions….with going with this platoon means Tocci will most likely get cut…and he is a very good CF who could replace DD late in games…I have pined for Rua for many a yr but he just doesnt have it…Robinson prob doesnt make any other team

    • azrangerfan

      Calhoun may have more to do with service time than anything else

  • JacobMcCandles

    I disagree with Castrovince…for me its Beltre, cuz even when we lose I can still pay to see him!!!

  • JacobMcCandles

    Rip Floyd Carter Sr
    A great American
    ..true blue rwb tough dude

    • elkaba

      “The Tuskegee Airmen are on the move.”

      • JacobMcCandles

        Read his total history….profound