Bush’s role defined. 69 comments

He was the Rangers closer for a while last year.

He came into camp determined to make the starting rotation.

Rangers manager Jeff Banister has declared he will be neither in 2018. He will, instead, be a middle-reliever. The Rangers version of an Andrew Miller.

And that might be the best thing for Bush.

Once Terry Francona decided to redefine the closer role and have his best reliever come in and put the fire out when the game is truly on the line, everyone else is looking for this super middleman.

Bush might be best suited for that role. He has what it takes to thrive. Mainly, a blazing fast fastball and the ability to just let it all air out for an inning. Come in, lay it on the line, get out.

He doesn’t have the stress of a closer. He doesn’t have the heavy workload of a starter.

Matt Bush may be disappointed he didn’t make the rotation. But considering where he came from, and how far he has come in a short time,  the fact that he is a major league pitcher is pretty remarkable in itself.

It might not be to begin a game. It might not be to end a game. But at least he is in the game. You can’t ask for more than that.