Rangers can’t catch a break.

Rangers catcher/DH breaks out of his slump with a two-run homer in the second.

This is what happens when you are stuck in the mud and hopelessly spinning your wheels trying to get out.

Out of desperation, you decide to bat Kole Calhoun first. Every man, woman, and child in Rangers nation does a collective double take. Wait? What? Is this the action of a raving lunatic?

Then, Kole turns around and goes 2-for-5. Lunacy turns to genius.

Oh, but then the two, three, and four slots in the lineup go a collective 0-for-12.

And the plan that is just so crazy it just might work doesn’t work.

Finally, Mitch Garver breaks out of his slump with a home run to left and an infield hit.

But that wasn’t enough. This is the very definition of frustration.

Eventually, though, it will turn around.

Marcus Semien is not a .167 hitter with no power. Corey Seager is not a .243 hitter with little pop. 

So, you have to realize it’s just a matter of time before they revert back to the numbers on the back of their baseball cards.

Let’s just hope it’s sooner rather than later.

Let’s just hope it’s May rather than mid-June.