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The Rangers traveled to Toronto for a four-game series. They won the first game, 2-1, for their fifteenth win of the season, but would then lose the next three.


Originally published May 3, 2016

Eric Nadel called it “boneheaded.”

Luckily, baseball is a team game and Delino DeShields’s teammates overcame another one of his questionable base running decisions—the second time this season DeShields’s bad base running has erased a run.

In the end, though, it was the outfielder in right who turned the game around.

Nomar Mazara, fresh off being named American League Rookie of the Month for April, started on his May plaque by hitting a go-ahead solo home run in the top of the eighth. Then, in the bottom of the eighth, Mazara’s cannon shot from right field nailed a Toronto runner at home to end the inning.

Shawn Tolleson and Elvis Andrus saved the game in the ninth, Tolleson with his arm, Andrus with his glove.

And, in a game that alternated between frustrating and fascinating, with A.J. Griffin once again pitching brilliantly, the Rangers won 2-1 to start the seven-game road trip.

Thanks to Nomar Mazara. The opposite of boneheaded.