2017. 26 comments

Happy new year to everyone in RR3 nation. I sure hope the new one is better for you than the old one.

Here are six predictions for 2017:

1. Despite what Jon Daniels is saying, no way do Profar, Rua and Gallo form the 1B/DH core for this team in 2017, if this team has post-season aspirations. The fact that the Rangers are actively pursuing Mike Napoli tells you all you need to know about how they really feel about that.

2. Andrew Cashner will be jettisoned from the Rangers rotation after six starts. He should be removed sooner, but Banister will feel pressure to keep sending him out since Cashner was head-scratchingly bestowed ten million dollars on the strength of his remarkable 5.98 ERA and 1.747 WHIP in Miami.

3. Matt Bush assumes the closer role. This prediction isn’t really rocket-surgery.

4. Josh Hamilton is the Rangers DH on opening day. He possesses all the qualities Jon Daniels looks for in a DH: He’s free. Arte Moreno is paying his salary. Hamilton surprises everyone by showing he still has something left in the tank. For how long is another story.

5. Rougned Odor finishes in the top-five in MVP voting.

6. The Rangers lose the Wild Card Game to Toronto.