The huge headline on the front page of The Dallas Morning News says it all.


After fifty-two years in Arlington, after the heartbreak of 2011, after all those years of losing, after failing to win the American League West on the final day of the season, the Texas Rangers won the World Series.


Gone are the demons of Odor and Scheppers and Chan-Ho and Calhoun. Gone are the failures of Daniels and Woodward and “the process.”

The Texas Rangers put together one of the most impressive offenses, and then gave it championship-caliber pitching to go with it. The Rangers have had offensive before. They had never had pitching. It took a former pitcher in the front office to put it all together.


This one is for Beltre and Pudge and Elvis and Young. This is for Greer and Murphy and Kinsler and Teixeira. This one is for Frank Howard, who passed way yesterday and hit the last home run in Washington Senators history and the first home run in Texas Rangers history. This one is for Eric Nadel and Mark Holtz. This one is for Chris Young.

This one is for Bruce Bochy, his fourth.

This one is for us.

This one was a long time coming.