21 out of 30.

Baseball America released its ranking of all 30 farm systems. Once again, the Rangers’ was among the bottom. 

Texas is ranked 21 out of 30. Granted, that’s up from 27 last August.

But the people who do this for a living have a vastly different opinion of the Rangers system the people who work for the Rangers. Shocker.

Baseball America ranked the Rangers in the bottom third in 2017, 2018, 2019, and now 2020.

The consensus is the Rangers don’t have any elite players. They just have a lot of okay. 

So, that talent that is on its way? Expect a team full of Nomar Mazaras.

Of course, it’s easy to say, “Yeah, that’s just one source. Opinions vary.”

They do. And they don’t. Because Baseball Pipeline released their ranking yesterday as well. They ranked the Rangers in the exact same place, 21 out of 30. Their mid-season 2019 ranking had the Rangers at 14. So, what they have seen from the Rangers prospects has not been promising.

So here is the state of the Texas Rangers. A team that has mediocre talent at the major league level, and a system that is filled with mediocrity, and a history of drafting and developing mediocrity.

Not a whole lot to get excited about in the present. Not a whole lot to get excited about in the future. 

But they have a roof.


Game time: 3:05, FSSW