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A guy named Chi Chi is quickly making a name for himself.

Alex “Chi Chi” Gonzalez has a minor league ERA of 2.94 in two short seasons, and just seems to get better and better at every level he pitches.

Is he ready to make the jump from AA to MLB?

He certainly pitched that way last night. Maybe it’s the fastest snail phenomenon, since Rangers pitchers have been lit up like a full moon the last three nights, that makes him look so good this spring.

But he threw 80 impressive pitches, making only one mistake when the Reds remarkable catcher Devin Mesoraco took him deep. But Devin Mesoraco took 25 deep last year, so there is no shame in that.

No shame in strking out Joey Votto twice, either.

No shame in having the go ahead runner at second with one out, and not allowing him to score.

Chi Chi Gonzalez has been the brightest spot in a really dark spring on the mound for the Texas Rangers.

It’s just spring. And the road to the Hall of Fame is littered with pitchers who impressed in spring and imploded once April rolled around.

But it is nice to know this guy is there.

Especially because three-fifth of the Rangers rotation won’t be.


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