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Colby Lewis was dominating once again as the Rangers beat the Indians for the second game in a row to close out May.


Originally published June 1, 2016.

Last season, after beating the Houston Astros (of course) 6-5 at home, the Rangers moved to ten games over .500 for the first time. It was September 15.

Last night, with their 7-3 win over the Cleveland Indians, the Rangers moved to ten games over .500 for the first time this year. Some three and a half months ahead of last year.

They would get as high as fifteen games over .500 last year, and end the season fourteen games over.

This year, the sky is the limit. (Soon we will be saying, “the roof is the limit.”)

Everything is clicking for the Rangers.

Starting pitcher. Bullpen. Offense. Defense. And they had only one base running blunder last night (it’s a Christmas miracle!).

But what set the stage was yet another great start from Colby Lewis.

Maybe getting the entire month of October off to watch the post-season from the bench rejuvenated Colby Lewis.

With that extra month’s rest, Lewis has been terrific this season. Last night, he picked up his fifth win against zero losses, lowering his ERA to 3.09.

It was the second time in the last three starts Lewis left the game having given up no runs, and seventh game out of eleven this season he has given up two runs or fewer.

In retrospect, it was a brilliant move by Jeff Banister to save Lewis for the 2016 season.

He seems to get better than ever.