Dark horses. 235 comments

The Rangers Jerseys have now won three days in a row. Even though none of these games matter and absolutely nobody will be named Cy Young or MVP in March, it’s better than losing.

Darvish pitched well, which is something to cling on to, since the role of spring is to get your starters ready, little by little. Then, on the other end of the spectrum, is the other thing spring is about: a chance for unknowns to shine, if just for a month.

Austin Bibens-Dirkx, a guy with two last names, seven organizations on his resumé, eleven years of minor-league experience, and a career ERA of 4.06, is having a great spring. It’s doubtful that he will be this year’s dark horse, like Matt Bush and Tony Barnette, but somebody seems to be that guy every year, maybe it will be him. Maybe he will be this year’s Tom Wilhemsen. Somebody seems to be that guy every year, too.