40-man: Kolby Allard.

Age: 23
Left-Handed Pitcher

Allard took a step back in 2020. Or, it might be more accurate to say, he didn’t take a step forward. He came to the Rangers from Atlanta in a deadline deal in 2019 for Chris Martin. He was assigned to Nashville, made one start there, then was inserted into the tattered Rangers rotation. 

He made nine mostly encouraging starts with the Rangers in 2019, going 4-2 with a 4.95 ERA. He had one start in which he allowed six earned, one five, one four. But for the most part, he held his own.

The Rangers rotation was set going into 2020. Until Corey Kluber ripped a shoulder muscle. Allard took his place and struggled mightily, losing all six of his decisions. He was out of the rotation after eight starts and an ERA of 8.80.

His last three appearances came out of the pen, where he was unscored upon in four innings.

According to Brooks Baseball, Allard’s four pitches are a four-seam fastball with average velocity, a cutter with slightly above average velocity, a changeup that results in a higher than average number of flyballs, and a curveball that is “basically never swung at and missed.”

Going into 2021, the Rangers rotation appears to be wide open again. Allard will undoubtedly get a shot at cracking it again. If he doesn’t stick, he will have a place in the bullpen. He’s young, has a lot of upside, and is fortunate to be in an organization that will let him learn on the job.