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The Rangers have had far too few victory celebrations.


A few weeks ago, right before the trade deadline, Adrian Beltre pleaded with Jon Daniels not to give up on the team. He said that he believed in the Rangers, and the players still believed.

Since then, the Rangers are 4-4. And that’s with Joey Gallo playing like he belongs in some higher league.

As much as Rangers fans love Adrian Beltre, and as much as we feel he is Superman and can accomplish anything on the field, he cannot do the impossible.

He cannot will a mediocre team to anything above mediocrity.

Saying you want to do it and saying you believe you can do it is a far cry from actually being able to do it.

Beltre is the author of the two greatest moments in Texas Rangers 2017 history: His 3000th hit. And his moving the on deck circle.

But even the Great Beltre cannot pull off the trick of transferring his powers to the hitters and pitchers around him.


Charlie Morton (9-4, 3.78) vs. Cole Hamels (6-1, 3.59)
Game time: 7:05

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