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Texas snapped a three-game losing streak, beating Boston and David Price 7-2. It was also the day of the second anniversary of this site. So my post that day was about RR3.


Originally published July 6, 2016.

Yesterday marked the two-year anniversary of my running this site.

As always, I have to acknowledge the amazing contributions made by Twig for starting RangersRounding3rd in the first place. Without his vision, elbow grease and love of Rangers baseball, this would have never happened.

It’s been a remarkable two years. It’s been a sad two years. We lost mojo in 2015. We lost Scary in 2016. Both were indomitable spirits who made this site, and our lives, better every time they showed up.

And, as we speak, our dear friend Sandy has not been healthy enough to join us in a while. Please send positive thoughts her way.

In the two years I have been supplying daily nonsensical Rangers babble, I have been honored that so many of you have come back every day to follow what is going on here, and to occasionally agree with me. You truly are the best friends I have never met.

We have our differences. But ninety-nine percent of the time, we resolve those like decent human beings. Which is what you will not find at most baseball sites, or any other Internet site, where comments are accepted. Again, thanks go to Twig for building a site populated by non-assholes. And thanks to the button that allows me to ban people, which I have done twice.

I’ve written about the good, the bad and the ugly. Beltre, Scheppers, Luke Jackson’s hair.

I’ve written about the joy of winning Game 162. And the pain of losing Game 5.

I’ve written about everything from the greatness of Adrian Beltre, how Tom Petty could write the soundtrack for the miserable 2014 season, how a Rangers season is like a car trip to Indiana, how the Rangers farm system is so fertile it’s yielded six players in ten years, and about cat pee.

At the end of last season, I published a book that was a best-of these daily blogs. It’s called Baseball Town: The Fall and Rise of the Texas Rangers. It was a last-to-first underdog story.

It sold so many copies, I needed a second hand to count them.

But it was never about that. It was about sharing my love for baseball and the Texas Rangers.

I’ve been accused of being too negative. I’m positive I’m not.

I’ve been called a hater of Jon Daniels. If you read my posts over the years, and what I wrote in Baseball Town, which you can purchase on amazon.com here, you will see I have been very fair.

Many are quick to put him up for sainthood. I think I am more realistic. He is head and shoulders the best GM the Rangers have ever had. His brilliance was single-handedly responsible for the Rangers remarkable turnaround last year. And he is one of the top fifteen GMs in baseball today.

So, thanks for visiting RR3 every day. Or every so often. Or once.

I’m just a guy with a blog with an opinion. And a surprisingly sad lack of a social life which allows me to do this every day.