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Sam Dyson had his second consecutive heart attack save to give the Rangers a modest two-game winning streak. With a 2-1 lead heading into the bottom of the ninth, Dyson replaced Diekman and gave up a single to the first batter. He got the next two batters out, then gave up a single to put runners at first and second, and hit a batter to load the bases. Clinging onto a one-run lead, he finally shut the game down.


Originally published July 25, 2016.

Sam Dyson picked up his twentieth save yesterday to move into a tie for eighth place in the American League.

With it came six hundred twenty-six cases of cardiac arrest, ninety-five reported incidences of heart failure, six thousand reported arrhythmias, seven hundred fifty open heart surgeries, ninety-two triple bi-passes, over two thousand accounts of sudden high blood pressure, and sixty-two thousand cases of stress related incidences caused by forced usage of phrases featuring a certain word beginning with the letter F.

All that for a two-game winning streak.