6-4 after ten games.

The Texas Rangers are 6-4. They are one of the top teams in the Cactus League. Tied for third, in fact. With the Giants. The Giants, by the way, finished 29 games out of first in 2019, in third place. 

So did the Rangers.

What does this great start mean for either team? Nothing at all.

Yes, winning is better than losing. But don’t put too much stock into the first ten games of the exhibition season.

What’s really going to matter is the first month of the regular season. If the Rangers can come out of that with a winning record, then you have something.

Ignoring the first four games against Seattle, the one team that is guaranteed to finish in last place, the Rangers play thirty games in March and April. Opponents include the Angels, Astros, Ray, Yankees, vastly improved White Sox, Phillies, and Athletics.

It’s an early season gauntlet that will go a long way to informing Rangers fans about the rest of their season. 

If they get to May at .500, this team has accomplished something special.


Game time: 2:05