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It hasn’t been a franchise known for success.

In 47 seasons, the Rangers have eight post-season appearances. And, now, twelve last place finishes.

Overall, they finish last 25 percent of the time. They make the playoffs 17 percent of the time.

Of those twelve last place finishes, three have come in the thirteen-year Jon Daniels era, or 23 percent of the time. Of the eight post season appearances, five have come since 2006. Or 38 percent of the time.

So, for a franchise not known for success, it’s worth pointing out that what we just witnessed was the fifth worse season in Rangers history, not counting the years before they arrived.

The 1973 team lost 105 games.
The 1972 team lost 100 games.
The 1985 team lost 99 games.
The 1982 team lost 98 games
The 2014 and 2018 teams lost 95 games.

Two of the worst seasons have come in the last five years. Of course, after the last 95-loss season the Rangers won the division. So, that will be the narrative the front office will sell this off-season. “If we could do it then, we could do it again. Season tickets on sale now.”

The biggest difference, of course, is this one will most likely have to be done without Adrian Beltre, who sure acted like he was done after coming out in yesterday’s game.

So, this disappointing season is over. In reality, it was over before it started.

Thirty pitchers (not counting Ryan Rua and Carlos Tocci) took the mound, twenty position players took the field, and two managers took the reins. Jeff Banister was 64-88, or a .402 winning percentage. Don Wakamatsu was 3-6, at .333. But the team had already called it quits by the time he showed up.

The Rangers season is over. But there is still a lot of great baseball left. Two tie-breaker games today, starting at 12:05. The winner of each claims their respective division titles. The loser of each plays in the wild card game.

It will be fun to watch good baseball again. We may not see that in these parts for a long long time.