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On April 19, Houston came to town. Which meant on thing: an inevitable Rangers win. Which they did, beating the Astros 7-5 to nudge their record to 8-6.


Originally published April 20, 2016

The Rangers did something they hadn’t done all season. Hit two home runs.

And they won.

It’s great to play small ball. But a home run can do a lot more damage than fifty-seven singles. A two-run homer in the first helps take a lot of pressure off everyone.

It helped the Rangers jumped out to a three-run lead and then desperately hang on to a 7-5 victory over the Astros. MLB.com actually mention the Silver Boot, as if anyone in Houston or Dallas has ever mentioned that thing.

A few good things to take away from the game.

One, Ian Desmond got two hits. Maybe three days off is good for him.

Two, Derek Holland pitched a Jeff-Bansiter-complete game (five innings).

Three, it’s safe to say Odor is heating up.

Four, maybe the Astros aren’t as good as advertised. They are under .500 since last May.

Five, for the first time this season the Rangers are two games over .500.

Two over the fence. Two over .500.

Hmmmm, maybe there’s a connection there.