A bit of optimism.

Willie Calhoun singles in the third run of the ninth but it wasn’t enough as the Rangers fell 5-3 to the Dodgers.

So far, you would have to classify this road trip as successful. 

One win out of three games might not seem much to brag about. But it was one win against the Dodgers, which is always cause for celebration.

That win broke the Rangers sixteen game road losing streak.

The fact that they couldn’t make it two in a row isn’t cause for concern. You really couldn’t expect that. They might have been in Hollywood, but the Rangers are a reality show, and the reality is they are not in the same league, both literally and figuratively, as the Dodgers.

Now they take a day off, then head to Houston for two, trying to see if they can somehow avenge the four losses in a row that set that long losing streak in motion.

It’s been a 3-8 June. It’s not too late to turn it around and make it respectable.