A chance to be part of a record. 215 comments

Joey Gallo connects for his fourteenth home run.


Red Sox ace Chris Sale is going for a record tonight.

If he gets ten strikeouts, it will be a record-setting ninth game in a row with double-digit strikeouts. Right now he shares the record at eight with former Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez.

Earlier this season, Rangers hitters came within one game of having the most consecutive games with double-digit strikeouts.

A high strikeout pitcher is facing a high strikeout offense. Chances are pretty good we will see history tonight.

You have to figure he has four cracks each at Gallo and Odor, so that is, legitimately, eight bona fide strikeout opportunities right there.

He just needs to find two more.

It’s not that I am rooting for the Rangers to fail. It’s just that, in a matchup that is as lopsided as Chris Sale versus Martin Perez, there has to be something to stay tuned for, especially if yesterday’s game was any indication.


Martin Perez (2-5, 3.71) vs. Chris Sale (4-2, 2.19)
Game time: 6:10

How the Rangers hit against Sale.
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