A dose of optimism.

Joey Gallo’s 22nd home run was about all the offense the Rangers could produce.

Just click your heels together twice and keep telling yourself, this team isn’t really that good, this team isn’t really that good. 

Then look at the standings and realize this team that isn’t really that good is still five games over .500.

Maybe it is heading for a major course correction. Maybe reality is going to set in. But, until that does, this team is five games over .500 and has no business being there and this has been a pretty remarkable seasons considering how bad the team really is.

They have only two starting pitchers. A ragged bullpen. A bottom of the lineup that drops off a cliff once you get to the six spot. And a farm system that is baren of talent at the top levels to help.

And still this team is somehow five games over .500.

Maybe it’s because they have two players who are battling it out for Comeback Player of the Year in Hunter Pence and Danny Santana. They have two pitchers who will get serious votes for the A.L. Cy Young award in Mike Minor and Lance Lynn. They have a guy who will get M.V.P votes in Joey Gallo. And they have a guy who seems to defy the aging process in Shin-Soo Choo. 

That’s not bad for a team that isn’t really that good.



Robbie Ray (7-6, 3.81) vs. Jesse Chavez (3-4, 3.84)

Game time: 7:05