A heart breaker

Yordan Alverez is mobbed at home after this come-from-behind three-run homer in Houston’s 8-7 victory.

Well, at least it wasn’t the Rangers getting punched in the gut by the Astros.

As hard as it is to watch the Astros have success, and as hard as it was to watch that amazing comeback yesterday against the pesky Mariners, the only thing that brought any satisfaction was knowing at least it was Rangers fans having their hearts crushed.

Houston did to Seattle what Seattle had just done to Toronto. They came back late to wedge victory out of the jaws of defeat. 

How Seattle responds in Game 2 is what will really matter. First of all, it’s only a best-of-five series, so they had better win Game 2 if they don’t want to be staring down the barrel of a bazooka. It’s hard coming back from 0-2. It’s especially hard doing it against this Astros team.

Seattle had everything working. They had gotten to Justin Verlander, something that really hasn’t been done this year. They have piled on runs. 

But they just couldn’t slam the door. Now they have to make sure the door doesn’t slam behind them.

What was more amazing about that comeback yesterday was the fact that, in the long storied history of baseball, with this being the 118th World Series, with playoffs since 1969, and wildcards, Yordan Alverez’s three-run walk-off homer was only the fourth time in post-season history that a home run has won a game for a team that was losing.

Lenny Dykstra, Joe Carter, Kirk Gibson, and now Yordan Alvarez.

Playoff baseball is amazing.