Four games, one day.

Days like these are always the best days of baseball. Four playoff games. Wall to wall baseball. Playoff baseball. The best kind there is.

So far, we’ve seen a game with fourteen-and-a-half scoreless innings. We’ve seen a glorious comeback from being down 8-1. We’ve seen most starters going deep into games (well, seven innings, which is modern day deep). We’ve seen great baseball.

And it’s only just begun.

This round might not have the upset magic the previous round did. We have three teams that won one hundred games this season and one that won ninety-nine. It’s doubtful the Padres can get by the one-hundred-eleven-win Dodgers, or the Mariners can get by the one-hundred-six-win Astros. And highly doubtful the Phillies can overcome the one-hundred-one-win Braves. The Guardians will have their hands full with the ninety-nine-win Yankees. 

Let the games begin. Let the next round unfold. There’s a day of baseball to be had.