A. J. 125 comments

Jon Daniels is legendary for his scrap heap pick up pitchers. Guys who are so banged up and beyond redemption that nobody in their right mind would consider them.

Except for Jon Daniels.

Most of them have been total busts. Bad money thrown down a bad hole.

So it’s hard to get too excited about Daniels signing A. J. Griffin who is coming off first Tommy John surgery and then shoulder surgery.

It looks like just another in the long line of contracts Daniels has doled out to pitchers who flame out.

There is no reason to think Griffin will be anything other than another one of Daniels’s boondoggles.

But for two seasons with Oakland, A. J. was lining up to be a top of the rotation starter.

Look at these stats.

After ten years of failed draft picks and failed scrap heal pick ups, Daniels is due. Let’s hope he finally found a gem in the rough in A. J. Griffin.

The law of averages eventually have to shine on the Rangers, right?