A little what if.

Two weeks ago, the Rangers pulled off one of the most surprising trades in quite a while.

Corey Kluber for Emmanuel Clase and a backup outfielder.

If Kluber is Kluber, this could be one of the all-time most lopsided trades in baseball.

Here, according to Gameday, are the some of the most notable lopsided deals.

Babe Ruth from the Red Sox to the Yankees for cash, 1919. The Red Sox owner needed cash. What he got was the worse all-time fleecing in history.

Lou Brock from the Cubs to the Cardinals for Ernie Broglio, 1964. Brock went on to lead the league in steals eight times, be an All Star six times, and ended up in the Hall of Fame. Broglio was soon forgotten.

Frank Robinson from the Reds to the Orioles for Milt Pappas, 1966. Frank Robinson had one major flaw. He was black in Cincinnati. As a ballplayer he was perfect in every way, an eventual Hall of Famer and star for the Orioles for years.

Nolan Ryan from the Mets to the Angels for Jim Fregosi, 1972. Fregosi had been a six-time All Star. But he suffered a major foot injury and never recovered. He played a season and a half for the Mets before they banished him to Texas. Nolan Ryan turned into NOLAN F-ING RYAN.

Ryan Sandberg from the Phillies to the Cubs for Ivan De Jesus, 1982. Sandberg became an instant Cubs legend, a superstar second baseman and an eventual Hall of Famer. De Jesus quickly became a former major leaguer.

John Smoltz from the Tigers to the Braves for Doyle Alexander, 1989. Alexander was out of baseball in three years. Smolz was out of this world immediately, ending up being part of the greatest rotation in baseball history and in the Hall of Fame.

Jeff Bagwell from the Red Sox to the Astros for Larry Anderson, 1990. Bagwell became a Houston favorite, an offensive machine, and a Hall of Famer. 

Pedro Martinez from the Expos to the Red Sox for Carl Pavano, 1997. The Expos were cheap. They didn’t want to pay Martinez’s salary. They ended up getting a guy whose ERA would be in the high 4s for a guy who would up being one of the top pitchers ever. 

It’s too early to know if the Kluber deal belongs on this list. Who knows, Clase could be one of the most dominating relief pitchers of the next decade. Or he could have multiple Tommy John surgeries in the next few seasons. Kluber could finally bring a Cy Young award to the Rangers. Or he could be just another broken down arm. 

Let the dream begin.