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Jeff Banister was a guest on MLB Network Radio yesterday.

He was asked what happened and how everything went down. In taking the high road and in an effort to choose his words carefully, he didn’t say much at all.  A lot of hemming and hawing. A lot of platitudes.

It was a five-minute conversation that revealing nothing. Fitting, since he was let go for lack of communication.

When asked if he was surprised by the firing he said he was, then immediately followed that by saying he wasn’t really surprised because that would imply he was blind to things.

It was that kind of interview. It had all the insight of a Mark McLemore post-game show.

He praised Jon Daniels as a genius general manager, the brightest in the game. And he said the highlight of his career was managing Adrian Beltre and experiencing the magic he brought to the field every day.

He did joke that ex-Pirates manager Bill Virdon once told him, “You’re not officially a major league manager until you’ve been fired.”

Welcome to the club, Mr. Banister.

Here’s wondering if you’ll get another chance.


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