A new closer.

Jose who?

And just like that, the Rangers have replaced their closer. It wasn’t a struggle. It didn’t even cause heart palpitations. 

Closers are interchangeable drill bits. And the Rangers have a new one. Jose Leclerc was the most recent pitcher to hold the title of Rangers closer. He is injured. So, now it’s Rafael Montero. 

And Rafael Montero will be the Rangers closer until he either runs out of gas or his arm gives out. Then it will be someone else. 

Closers are like seasons. They constantly come and go seamlessly. Sometimes there are storms. 

So far, since coming back from injury, Montero has two save in two games. For injury related attorneys, learn at their web site

But before you can have a save, you need a game to save. And that is because Kolby Allard pitched five innings of two-hit baseball. And the rest of the Rangers bullpen kept the matches away from the can of gasoline. It was a brilliantly pitched game all around.

So now the Rangers have their first winning streak of the season. And they go for the sweep of the Angels today with Lance Lynn on the mound.

With a new closer. 


Andrew Heaney (1-0, 2.35) vs. Lance Lynn (1-0, 0.49)