A not-so-ugly loss. 351 comments

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Encouraging signs: Mitch Moreland hits two home runs. Unfortunately, there were both solo shots.

Encouraging signs: Mitch Moreland hits two home runs. Unfortunately, they were both solo shots.


You never like to lose. But at least there were some things to like about this loss.

To begin with, Mitch Moreland hit two home runs. That is a day after hitting two doubles. That can only be a good thing.

The top three hitters in the lineup got two hits each. Profar, Desmond and Mazara are hot as ever.

The Rangers out-hit the Mariners 10-7, and out-homered the Mariners 4-3.

And Prince Fielder got a hit. With Prince, it’s to the point like when your baby is trying to take its first steps, though. Was that a lucky wobble and a stumble? Or was that an actual bonafide step? It’s hard to know. Just tell the grandparents he took a step.

In the end, it was Holland’s bad four-run forth inning that did the Rangers in. It was a rare non-quality start for a Rangers starter.

But they had their chance to tie it in the eighth. And when they failed to do that, then failed to keep the Mariners from scoring two runs in the bottom of the eighth, the proverbial nails were driven into the coffin.

The final score was 7-5. The seven part was ugly. The five part, not so much.



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Colby Lewis (5-0, 3.20) vs. James Paxton (0-2, 3.72)
Game time: 9:10 pm

How the Rangers hit against Paxton.
How the Mariners hit against Lewis.