A tale of two cities.

Rookie of the Year candidate Josh Jung gets to show off his skills in Baltimore.

The Rangers go to Baltimore for three games. Texas is in first. Baltimore is in second.

Wait. Texas first? Baltimore second? Is this some sort of bizarro world, opposite universe dream? Aren’t these two throw-in-the-towel teams?

Each team’s last six seasons have been almost mirror images of one another. Shop of Horrors House of Mirrors bad.

Both the Orioles and Rangers last made the playoffs in 2016. Since then, Baltimore slipped into oblivion, finishing fifth, fifth, fifth, fourth, fifth, and fourth.

Those same six years, Texas finished third, fifth, third, fifth, fifth, and fourth.

The Rangers could claim bragging rights. “We stink less than you.”

Its true. As bad as the Rangers were, Baltimore was worse. Texas had only one 100-loss season. Baltimore had three. They lost 108 games in 2019. And that was only their third-worse season. They lost 110 in 2021 and 115 in 2018.

Both teams took their fan bases for granted, throwing out embarrassingly bad baseball teams they tried to pass off as major league caliber.

Both teams have been irrelevant for years. But, now, both are emerging from darkness with bright futures ahead of them.

Texas comes into Baltimore in first. Baltimore in second, but with a better record than Texas. 

What a difference trying makes.