Rangers offense according to ZIPs.

ZIPs is an annual projection from Fan Graphs. It looks at a team’s moves and comments on its roster makeup. Here’s what they said about the Rangers offense. Batters: The Rangers undergo rebuilding with a refreshing urgency you don’t always see, though that’s hardly surprising since they’re not actually a […]

An RR3 Christmas.

Rangers fans have had it rough the past six years. Longer if you consider this team has not advanced in a playoff series since 2011. But the franchise started giving its fans gifts before Christmas. First, they got rid of their manager. Chris Woodward was a nice guy who was […]


The Rangers got their man. Two days before the start of the Winter Meetings, which haven’t been held since 2019 due to the pandemic and then the lockout, the Texas Rangers showed the baseball world, and Rangers fans, it was tired of being the eighty-pound weakling and having sand kicked […]

Quick 2022 review.

What an interesting season. Aaron Judge proved you could hit 62 home runs in a season without the help of chemistry. The Houston Astros proved they can win a World Series without the help of trash cans. Albert Pujols proved he had one last gasp of glory left in his […]

Game 1 is here.

Finally, after four days of waiting, the World Series is here. Game 1 is tonight in Houston. Here is the schedule: Friday, Oct. 28Game 1, PHI @ HOU, 7:03 p.m., FOX Saturday, Oct. 29Game 2, PHI @ HOU, 7:03 p.m., FOX Monday, Oct. 31Game 3, HOU @ PHI, 7:03 p.m., […]

The beauty of baseball.

If there was ever a reminder of what makes baseball the most perfect sport, it was yesterday. Three of the four playoff games were masterpieces in baseball beauty. The Astros and Mariners locked in a battle pitch for pitch for seventeen scoreless innings. It was 0-0 after nine, and 0-0 […]

Down to eight.

So much for the home team having such a huge advantage in these best-of-three wildcard series where every game is played in the park of the team with the best record. Three of the four visiting teams won. Which just proves the old adage about the playoffs. Just make it […]


The Rangers won the last one. Actually, the last two. And, with that, it’s over. Thankfully, mercifully over. Another lost year. Another forgettable Rangers season. They won just sixty-eight games. Only eight more than last year.  Rangers fans should have known this year was going to go off the rails […]

A September to forget.

All season long the Rangers celebrated their fiftieth season in Arlington. They talked about tradition. They talked about great players from the past. But mostly they tried to connect the present to the past.  They succeeded with that. But in a way they probably never wanted to.  The Rangers just […]