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Delino DeShields scores from first base on an infield grounder, setting off a chain reaction of offense.


Nobody ever said they had to be pretty. But that one last night was a thing of beauty. Ugly beauty.

The ugly: Another Matt Moore crash and burn job. He comes into the game with an ERA of 7.67 and leaves the game with it a few clicks south of 8.00. When Matt Moore is on the mound, the bullpen and the offense are required to work overtime.

Which led to the beautiful.

A Rangers four-run comeback rally that came with two outs, without a home run, and with some really good base running. Delino DeShields scored from first on an infield error. That rarely happens. And it wasn’t even close. Two doubles and a single followed and it was tied.

Then the Rangers defense reared its ugly head again. Nomar Mazara dropped a fly ball to allow the Tigers to retake a lead.

But some really ugly defense on the Tigers part in the bottom of the inning gave back the lead to the Rangers.

Then, Kiner-Falefa dropped a ball in the top of the eighth inning and it looked like another ugly crash and burn. Until he turned a beautiful double play to end the inning, preventing the tying run from scoring. He took a bad throw, somehow managed to stay on the base, pivoted as the runner was bearing down on him, and threw a perfect throw to first.

Then in the top of the ninth, Keona Kela came in, having allowed a run in his last two appearances, with a razor-thin lead that didn’t afford him that luxury. He gave up a hit, but closed it out.

And the Rangers celebrated a great comeback, twice.

It was beautiful.


Mike Fiers (2-2, 5.00) vs. Mike Minor (3-1, 4.36)
Game time: 7:05

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