A very rare win.

Given a second chance to stick around the big leagues, Andy Ibañez hits a three-run homer in his first at-bat back, powering the Rangers to a rare, 8-3 victory.

The Rangers won last night. It was a rare occurrence. In fact, it was just their fourth win in June. On the 21st day of the month, they have managed just four wins.

It was exactly one month ago that the Rangers last won two games in a row. They actually ended up winning three. Since then they have had losing streaks of nine, three, and six. They have had winning streaks of one. Four of those.

So, how bad has the month of June been? If they played an entire season at the pace they are playing this month, it would equate to a 38-win season. In the team’s long history of mostly futility in Texas, the Rangers have had only three months where they have played worse baseball than what Rangers fans are witnessing now. Of course, there’s still time to pull it out and avoid being one of the five worst months in team history.

The good news is, with only seven games left in June, last night’s win assured this 2021 version of the Rangers won’t put up the worst Rangers month ever. That feat belongs to the very first Rangers club. In September of 1972, the Texas Rangers went 3-23, a winning percentage of only .115. That would have equated to an 18-win season had they played that badly the entire season. If the Rangers lost the next seven, they would finish 4-20, a .200 winning percentage.

Here are the five worst full months in Rangers history (not counting a number of winless Octobers, and their partial month of August 1994, the strike year, when they were playing at a .200 clip).

So yes, since you’ve wondered, they are playing about as bad as they have ever played. And you get to witness it.