A well-worn path. 63 comments

Rangers manager Chris Woodard at the ceremony to officially announce the walking trail named in his honor in Arlington, Texas.


The National Trails System was created by the Department of Interior as a way to honor the heritage of famous walking trails. After watching the first game of the Rangers 2019 season, the DOI is announcing a new official trail.

The Chris Woodward Memorial Walking Trail.

It begins in the corner of small covered shelter-like structure in Arlington, Texas, then proceeds up a group of steps, continues over a flat, grassy expanse of land, and finally comes to an end at the crest of small, dirt hill.

Rangers manager Chris Woodward forged that trail yesterday, then continued to hike it numerous times, using six different relief pitchers after starter Mike Minor was able to go only 4.2 innings in the opening game of the 2019 season, a game the Rangers lost 12-4.

It is a path he is likely to walk many many times this season. Because this was the first of what will be many double-digit games this staff will allow.

You can’t read too much into one game.

But you can predict, as manager of these 2019 Texas Rangers, Chris Woodward is going to be getting in his steps.