According to plan. 37 comments


No Cinderella stories.

No “we shocked the world.”

No upsets.

The Final Four is set. It all went according to the script. Even if the last inning last night tried to be Rudy and Hoosiers all rolled into one.

In the end, the Red Sox were able to nail down the win. The four best teams are advancing. And the two wild card teams were knocked out in the first round.

Which means, these championship series should be epic. Two one-hundred-win teams in the American League. Two teams playing at the top of their games in the National League.

The Red Sox had the highest batting average in the A.L., the Astros fourth highest. The Astros struck out second-fewest times, the Red Sox fourth fewest.

In the N.L., Milwaukee and Los Angeles were seventh and eighth respectively in batting average. They were fifth and sixth respectively in most strikeouts in the N.L.

They are not the kinds of teams to rely on the home run or nothing.

Should be some great baseball.

Milwaukee is one of the seven teams that have never won a World Series. Will they make that a back-to-back occurance?

Houston is trying to win back-to-back for the first time since the Yankees did it 1998, 1999, and 2000.

Los Angeles is celebrating the thirtieth year of the Kirk Gibson home run and their last championship.

Boston expects to win because they won 108 regular season games. And because they are Boston.

It all starts Friday.