And they’re back.

Dane Dunning threw six innings of one-run baseball in the Rangers 7-4 win over the Braves.

For one brief night on Monday, the 2023 Texas Rangers turned into the 2017 through 2022 Texas Rangers.

If you closed your eyes, you would have thought that Chris Woodward was back in the dugout explaining that even though they lost 12-0, the Rangers were just one play away from winning the game and the guys were still learning the process and it would turn around quickly, and that Jon Daniels was in the front office telling Rangers fans to be patient, that the system was just two years away having its pitching ready. For some reason, it was always two years away.

Thankfully, that was a quick nightmare.

The 2023 Rangers were back on Tuesday.

Dane Dunning was dominating again. The offense contributed up and down the lineup again. And the bullpen almost gave it all away again. And in the end, the Rangers won again.

One sign of a good team is its ability to score late. That’s been a characteristic of this Rangers team all year. They don’t fold, they keep battling, they find a way to kick in the door, they never give up.

All the empty platitudes they used to print on t-shirts, they are actually doing in a game.

Rangers fans would much rather have another win than another t-shirt.