Answer time.

Time for Bruce Bochy’s team to find the answers.

It’s here.

There comes a moment in every season when it’s time for the players to step up and see what the team is made of.

That moment is here. That moment is tonight. That moment is this three-game series against the Phillies. 

At 34-14, the Phillies are the best team in baseball. If the Rangers, who are 24-24, were in the Phillies division, they’d be ten game behind them.

The Rangers have been playing like zombies this season, walking around in a state of suspended animation. They are 2-7 their last night games, in an offensive freefall.

Now they face the team with the second-best pitching and the second-best offense. They are either going to step up and snap out of it, or get buried.

The only ones who can help them out of this are themselves.

The Rangers need to dig down deep inside and find that next gear that seems to be missing in action. Or they will be missing in action.