April 19, 2019.

A fun little oddity from last year.


Baseball seems like such a simple game to figure out. Until you try to figure it out.

Chris Davis, ex-Ranger, walked up to the plate sixty-two times in a row without collecting a hit. That seems almost impossible. Not even a cheap check swing. Not even a bleeder up the middle. Nothing. Nobody had ever done that before. Or not done that before, as the case may be.

In 1985, a Detroit Tigers outfielder Alex Sanchez went to the plate 133 times without drawing a single walk.

How is it that in 1,326 major league plate appearances, Joey Gallo doesn’t have a single sacrifice fly? That’s almost impossible. Andrew Cashner hit a sac fly in 2017. He went to the plate only seven times.

But Wednesday in Los Angeles saw one of the more inexplicable oddities in baseball.  MVP and six-time All-Star Joey Votto of the Cincinnati Reds has played for thirteen seasons. He has walked up to the plate 6,829 times. And in all those journeys to the dish, there was one thing he never did. He had never popped up to first. Until last night.

Think of how many times Rangers fans witnessed Ian Kinsler popping up to the infield. Then stop and reflect on that. Joey Votto had never popped up to the first baseman, ever, in thirteen seasons. I don’t know what is more noteworthy. The accomplishment itself or the fact someone kept track of it.

Again, that doesn’t seem possible. But it was. Because baseball makes no sense.