A spider has eight eyes. 

If MLB was an animal, it would be a spider. With eight eyes. Eight black eyes.

The White Sox conspired with gamblers to throw the World Series in 1919.

Major League Baseball conspired with stupidity to prevent black players from participating for more than 80 years.

The all-time home run leader cheated.

The all-time hits leader is banned from baseball for betting.

Hundreds of players cheated by taking steroids.

The player who has the most home runs in a season cheated. As did the player who has the second-most. And the third most. And the fourth most. And the first most. And the sixth most. 

The Astros cheated to win the 2017 World Series.

Soon we will find the lengths the Red Sox went to in order to win the 2018 World Series. 

That’s not to mention using pine tar when players shouldn’t, putting substances on the ball when players shouldn’t, using corked bats when players shouldn’t. 

The history of Major League Baseball is a history of cheaters and thugs. The Astros sign-stealing scandal is just the latest worst thing to happen to the sport ever.

Will it go away? No. One hundred years later we are still talking about the Black Sox scandal. 

What will push it aside be the next cheating scandal. The next attempt to take a huge dump on the game. 

It will happen. It will happen in the next few years. It’s hard to say what that will be.

A team will figure out how to manipulate the computer ball and strike call. 

Players will discover a drug that works better than steroids and cannot be detected by current testing methods. That year, Alex Rodriguez will announce a comeback.

Instant replay will be compromised by fake video replay.

With all this money at stake, players will use any method possible to cheat to get more of it.

All we as fans can do is watch the games, realize that the outcome is probably fake, the players are probably manipulating their performance, and there is zero respect of the game by those who are supposed to be stewards of it.

Baseball is a spider. My eyes are blinded by arachnophilia. Good thing. Otherwise, I’d be trying to step on it.