As bad as it gets.

Rangers starter Glenn Otto strikes out seven Orioles in a 3-0 loss.

Last night’s Rangers-Orioles game featured the worst team in the American League.

It wasn’t the Orioles. It’s the road Texas Rangers. 

As bad as Baltimore is, and they are pitiful, putrid, horrible, and all the synonyms Roget can spit out for baseball ineptitude, the Rangers on the road are actually worse.

The Orioles home winning percentage going into last night was .311.

The Rangers road winning percentage going into last night was .286.

Percentages work. The better team won. The Rangers were shut out. By the Orioles. The Baltimore frigging Orioles. Texas is now 1-3 against Baltimore this season.

You know you have hit rock bottom when your franchise is looking up at the Baltimore Orioles. But the 2021 Jon-Daniels-built Rangers is among the worst in franchise history. He is the architect of the darkest point in Rangers history: the longest streak of years in which Texas has had a losing record. Five.

And counting.

This embarrassment of a team has a long way to go to get to respectable. For starters, they can figure out how to score a run against the Baltimore Orioles.

Score. Then win. Then win consistently. Then win more than you lose. Then win enough to make the playoffs. Then win in the playoffs. Then win it all.

Yes, this team has a long way to go.