As scripted.

Joey Gallo accidentally hits a ball down the third base line for an RBI in the ninth.

So far, after two games, the Rangers are following the script. 

As expected, they can pitch. Really well. As expected, they can’t hit. Especially not when it counts.

Lance Lynn and the Rangers bullpen didn’t give up a run on Friday. Never in the history of baseball has a team lost when not giving up a run. All you have to do is score one. And that’s all they could do.

Mike Minor allowed one earned run on Saturday. The bullpen allowed another run. The defense allowed the third run. But the bats could produce just two. 

The nemesis that has plagued this team for too many years is back. A failure to get hits with runners in scoring position.

Friday, they loaded the bases in the third inning but couldn’t do anything with it. Yesterday, they were unable to cash in with bases loaded in the seventh.

In all, they stranded twelve precious runners. So much opportunity squandered.

But as ineffective as the offense has been, the Rangers have a chance to win the first series of the season with a win today.

All Corey Kluber has to do is pitch a shutout. And he is just the man to do it.


Kyle Freeland vs. Corey Kluber
Game time: 1:05 on FSWW, 105.3 FM, 1270 AM in Spanish