Astros take the first one. 158 comments

The Astros nail a sliding Greg Byrd at home to preserve the shutout in the fifth inning.


The Astros showed how many ways they can beat you last night.

With the smothering pitching of Dallas Keuchel.

With the MVP bat of Jose Altuve.

With singles instead of home runs.

With outfield defense.

Or, to put it into terms we Rangers fans can relate to, with everything the Rangers don’t do.

Of course, there is the obligatory removal of the nearly perfect pitcher to allow the other team a sporting change to come back. But both managers will be susceptible to that. In that case, the advantage will go to the Yankees.

Astros closer Ken Giles tried his hardest to give the game away. But in the end he was able to get the last six outs, but not before allowing too many baserunners and a solo home run in the ninth. And Houston was able to hang on and beat New York 2-1 to take the first of the seven-gamer.

It was a great game in what should be a really fun series. Game 2 is today.

Tune in to watch two teams do things Rangers fans didn’t see all season around these parts—play complete baseball.


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