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The familiar home run swing of Joey Gallo is back, as Gallo connects for home run number 36 of the year.


After losing six of their first seven meetings this season against the Astros, the Rangers are 5-2 in their last seven.

The season series is returning to normalcy.

Since the Astros moved into the American League, they have resided in the Rangers back pocket.

Texas was 15-4 against Houston in 2016, 13-6 in ’15, an uncharacteristic 8-11 in ’14, and 17-2 in ’13. That’s 53-23 in four seasons.

The Silver Boot isn’t made for walking. It seems to be staying in Arlington.

It looked like the Astros were going to run away with it this year. But then reality settled in. The baseball gods decided to pay attention again. And the ship was righted.

You have to feel bad for the Astros, though. For a brief shining moment, it looked like they were ticketed for the World Series. They streaked out to a huge lead. But it was a one-horse race.

They were an amazing 60-29 in the first half. But in the second half, they’re only 19-23. They failed to get a starting pitcher or two at the trade deadline. And it’s showing. Granted, it’s can’t be easy being road warriors while their city has been destroyed, but the cracks were appearing before the hurricane.

The Rangers have a one-in-a-million chance to make the post-season. They have thirty-one more games this season. They have five more games against the Astros. So at least they are guaranteed five more wins.


Andrew Cashner (7-9, 3.44) vs. Dallas Keuchel (11-2, 2.58)
Game time: 6:10

How the Rangers hit against Keuchel.
How the Astros hit against Cashner.