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Joey Gallo throws out Angels Andrelton Simmons from the seat of his pants.


In the first inning, for just the second time this season, the Rangers led off the game with two consecutive hits. (Their first two hitters have both reached base two other times but, in both of those, the first hitter was thrown out trying to steal, so last night was just the second time the first two hitters got a hit and actually occupied bases at the same time.)

In the first inning, for, amazingly, only the first time this season, the Rangers got a sacrifice fly.

The first inning started out promising.  It ended with a strike out-throw out double play.

That pretty much sums up the Rangers season so far. A lot of promise, but not a lot to show for it.

If there is anything to be encouraged about, it’s the reimergence of Delino DeShields at the top of the Rangers order.

He got two more hits, scored two more runs, stole another base. DeShields’s average is now up to .280. His on-base percentage is .379.

He makes things happen.

But he can’t do it all by himself.

The lost boys need to start finding themselves. Carlos Gomez is at .205, Rougned Odor is .191, Mike Napoli is at .155. That is the heart of the order. Sorry, that should have had a question mark after it. That is the heart of the order?

Rua is sporting a .198 average, Lucroy’s is .203.

And the two guys who carried the team the first couple of weeks have cooled off.

Elvis is 7 for his last 32 (.218).  And the first Player of the Week for the American League in 2017, Nomar Mazara, is just 2-for his last-36. That’s .056. That’s bad.

Oh, then there’s the bullpen…


Jesse Chavez (2-3, 4.13) vs. Yu Darvish (2-2, 3.03)
Game time: 6:15

How the Angels hit against Darvish.
How the Rangers hit against Chavez.